Antonios Douvis & Sophia Douvi

“Naz, There are so few things left in this world that can deliver the incredulity and sense of security, which you just blessed us with this morning. From the first few scenes, of this wonderfully orchestrated Super 8 picture book, I can’t help but reaffirm my belief in Love, Life and Humanity. May you always be proud of your work Naz. Your Selfless movement and will to capture every detail, in what was the most important day of my life, brought together two emotions which I never knew could co-exist, happiness and tears. My dream, is for my daughter Stella, to watch this film and forever remember two things. Firstly, the likeness of her parents and grandparents and secondly, that LOVE is real and evident in every little moment captured in this film. May God continue to manifest his plan for you in your Artistry and kindheartedness. From the bottom of my heart I Thank You.”

-Antonios Douvis & Sophia Douvi, 2011