Inspired by You, NAZ FILMS | Wedding & Lifestyle Films Launches in Toronto!

Hi everyone, this is my first ever blog post for Naz Films…yay!

I do hope my films speak to the part of you that believes in romance, family, friendships, and yes of course love!  My website and blogs for the first year will most definitely be a period where I hope to learn quickly the best way to express myself, my art, who I am and what I am all about!

Basically, I love art and I love storytelling in all it’s forms.

Come meet me at The Wedding Co. Show in Toronto held at The Carlu January 13-15th, 2012

It’s the perfect collection of our cities most talented wedding vendors!  What I personally love about this show in a city filled with shows…is that you will not only find the established fancy vendors BUT also thanks to Catherine Lash’s mission (as founder of the show) I get to see new up and coming vendors who keep us established folk REAL!

Hope to see you there – let everyone know!