Shannon Hunter & Dr. Noah

“Naz, ┬áIt’s rare in life that you stumble across someone who is truly a master of their field, thankfully we were lucky enough to stumble upon you. Watching our video last night for the first time, we were immediately transported back to our wedding day. We re-lived every moment in a way we never thought possible. All the joy, tears and laughter came rushing back in an overwhelming wave of emotion. In truth, we were very adverse to the idea of a “wedding video”. Having sat through the agony of watching many bland, unending videos of family and friends we really didn’t think it was for us. But then I found you…and I was completely taken with your work. You have this uncanny ability to saturate the screen with emotion. I really believe that the Super 8 medium, and your incredible talent combine to create “love” in video form. We could never have captured our wedding in such a sublime way with photography alone. Thank-you for this incredible gift. We will be forever grateful. XO

-Shannon Hunter & Dr. Noah”