Here are just some of
the ideas & films made…

  • Wedding Films
  • Vow Renewal Films
  • Honeymoon Films 
  • Engagement Films
  • Boy Loves Girl Films  
  • Invitation & Reception Presentation Films
  • Boudoir Films
  • Maternity & Birth Films
  • Babies 1st Year Films
  • Kids Birthday Films 

I am based out of Toronto,  taking on a maximum of 25 wedding film commissions per year both local and world wide.

Travel has become second nature to me. I know my way around airports, customs officers, language and cultural traditions. I travel extensively in the year to make my films. I do consider myself incredibly lucky to have the privilege to do what I do for a living!

Frequented reoccurring ports of work are New York City, San
Francisco, San Diego, Central California, Italy, France and throughout Canada.

Every film is made by me. I am your filmmaker, which means I am your producer, director, cinematographer and your editor. It’s a fine art approach to the craft of storytelling. If you feel goosebumps, if you find yourself tearing-up and at the very same moment smiling and giggling then I know I have made a film that means something to someone, most definitely the client who commissioned me!  I care deeply for every client who hires me, It’s a personal form of art and documentation.